We have capacities and skills which should find adequate recognition in the society. Development and flourishing of these skills and capacities would not only enhance our life but also enrich the life of the community. Education is the most important aspect that impact growth and development. The assessment of life skills would certainly do marvels of recognizing our qualities and abilities. Hence it is very essential to develop the strength of will-power and self discipline to outshine in life. They help us to move ahead amidst failures and difficult situations. The mind has to be conditioned to cultivate them through conscious efforts. It is necessary to fill the mind with positive thoughts as ultimately they become our habits. Negative thoughts affect our immunity and erode our potentialities. We must keep these thoughts away by conscious practice. We should try to practice discipline, diligence, patience, concentration and wisdom continuously.

    We need to be more focused towards our goal. Of course success boost our morale by adding confidence but failure also teach us to empower ourselves with new vigour and energy. With strong determination and self discipline a person can change and even rule the world. We can reach pinnacles through strong will-power, self discipline accompanied with dedication and devotion. Wonders can be done by imbibing these qualities. With Best Wishes

Wg Cdr D V Singh
54 ASP, Air Force Station