The School has an enviable pollution free verdant expanse of land with a beautiful infrastructure and environment.


The school has spacious and well decorated classrooms with proper ventilation, lights and  comfortable sitting arrangement for the students.  The classrooms have close circuit TV cameras to monitor the activities of the students and the classrooms. The School has Smart classes that has made learning  stress free and is a great fun.
The school has an air conditioned Multimedia Computers Lab enriched with latest educational software providing Computer Literacy by CLC as prescribed in CBSE Syllabus. LCD Projector is regularly used for imparting visual aided education.
The school has a well equipped Library designed to meet the specific needs of all the students. The library also stores Educational Audio CD's and VCD's. The school uses it at regular intervals to enhance the mental awareness of the students and satisfy their inquisitive nature.
The School has spacious Laboratories with all the modern equipments. LCD has also been provided to the students for their practical assignments.
The school has two spacious playgrounds with synthetic volleyball & basketball courts. The school organizes Inter House Sports Competitions. Specialized coaching is provided by coaches for different games. The School also organises classes for children to keep mind & body in unison. Judo & karate classes are conducted for self-defence.
Regular Medical Check -up is conducted by Senior Medical Officer of Air Force Station, Gurgaon.  We also have a facility of beds in the Medical Room.
In order to create Road Safety awareness among students a Traffic Park is developed. Children are given classes to make them aware of traffic signals and road safety rules.
A Botanical Garden has been developed to acquaint students with different environmental issues and familiarize them with different species of plants.
A Science Park has been developed in school to kindle the scientific bent of mind of students and to develop critical thinking ability in them.
Keeping in view the location of the school and terror attack alerts necessary steps have been taken like installation of security alarms, fixing of iron grill frame on water tanks and putting of concertina on entire boundary wall, iron doors at entry/exit of school building and installation of CCTV surveillance system. Also 02 members of QRT are deployed during school hours. Necessary mock drills are done time to time so that students know about the preventive measures to be taken when needed.