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Explore the world of web based knowledge resourses, scholarship opportunities and details, test and upgrade your knowledge and skills through online testing and evaluation. Interact with your teacher/mentor or cohort group in real time or asynchronously. 
Realizing the need for e-teaching CII-Shiksha programme has been launched. The programme aims at empowering teachers with a variety of e-tools to enable them to get started with e-teaching. A recent addition to the list of CII-Shiksha's offerings is a new e-collaborative portal exclusively for teachers.
The Encyclopedia Britannica (properly spelt with ae, the ae-ligature) is the oldest English-language general encyclopedia. Its articles are commonly considered accurate, reliable, and well-written.
Provides complete text of Encyclopedia Britannica with search capabilities, related links, and multimedia enhancements.
Encarta is a digital multimedia encyclopedia published by Microsoft Corporation. An online version of English language Encarta is available free on the World Wide Web with limited content.
MSN Encarta provides quick facts, called Encarta Answers, to answer certain search queries that you type. 
World Book
World Book Encyclopedia is, according to the publisher, "the number-one selling print encyclopedia in the world". The first edition (1917) contained 8 volumes. 
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